What can you expect?

Initially, all relevant records, including any radiographs taken by your referring veterinarian, will be reviewed. This will be followed by a careful examination of your pet.

Should further diagnostic tests be advisable, they will be discussed at this point. Once a diagnosis has been made, the pros and cons of available treatment options will be discussed prior to a collective decision being made on the best course of action for your pet.

Following treatment and/or surgery, a report will be made promptly to your referring veterinarian to keep them fully informed on how your pet's condition has been managed.

Our aim is to return you and your pet back to the care of your referring veterinarian as soon as it is safe to do so, usually within a day or two of surgery. Some patients, due to the nature of their problem may require more prolonged hospitalization. Your veterinarian will be involved in the aftercare of your pet. We recognize this is often more convenient for yourselves and your veterinarian is more familiar with your pet.

What is a referral surgeon?

A 'referral' means you have been referred from your usual Veterinarian, which is the only way appointments can be made to see our surgeon, Dr. Bruce Meyers, here at VetSOS.

Our referral hospital is designed to be an extension and support of your usual Veterinary practice.  Your Vet will be kept up to date about your pet's condition and surgery/treatment here at VetSOS and will be discharged back into their care at the appropriate stage in your pet's recovery.

Your GP Vet may choose to refer when a problem develops with your pet which due to its complex, protracted or difficult nature requires a veterinarian with additional training and experience for diagnosis or treatment.  Our hospital also has a high level of imaging services, surgical equipment, and a range of surgical implants that GP clinics do not necessarily have readily available to them. After an assessment, your veterinarian may suggest that a referral to a surgeon with advanced surgical training is indicated.

Who is your surgeon? What are their qualifications?

Check out or surgeon, Dr. Bruce Meyers BVSc MMedVet (Surgery).