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Veterinary Surgical Orthopaedic Services (VetSOS) are a skilled veterinary surgical team lead by Dr Bruce Meyers BVSc, MMedVet (Surgery). His advanced surgical training, achievement and wealth of experience enable us to offer a wide variety of referral level surgical procedures. These cover the fields of orthopaedics; neurosurgery; soft tissue and reconstructive surgery.

These include our most common procedures including:

  • TTA Rapid (for treatment of canine cruciate rupture or disease)
  • Surgical correction of patella luxations
  • Shoulder and elbow arthroscopy - a procedure for diagnosing and treating a range of joint problems. This includes our surgeon inserting a surgical camera into the joint via a small incision in which the inside view of the joint is transferred onto our video monitor to assess the joint, and specially designed tools to allow us to treat problems within the joint such as lesions and bone fragments.
  • Spinal surgeries, most commonly decompression surgery such as a hemilaminectomy
  • Fracture repairs - using a range of methodology from placement of internal plates and screws to external fixator systems which include pins and surgical hardware outside the body for more complex fractures.

We operate on a referral basis, which can be organised through your usual veterinarian.

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